Google now on WAF-IX!

We welcome Google to the West African Internet Exchange. Google (AS 15169) becomes our 4th peer as we gradually increase peering traffic on WAF-IX.

Google provides internet-related services and products which include internet video, online advertising, search engine and cloud computing. The company’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Over a billion people around the world make use of Google in searching for content or YouTube videos. These people also use a host of other Google products; Maps, Drive, Contacts, Calendar, Forms, Docs, Hangout, Earth, Boards, Finance, Chrome etc. We rarely go through a day without using at least one Google product.

What are the benefits of having Google peer at WAF-IX?

As a member of the exchange, access to Google’ services with over 3.5 billion users daily becomes faster for networks and content providers peering at WAF-IX as the path to reach these services becomes shorter thereby improving user experiences. This will also reduce transit costs for ISPs connected, with cost savings further extended to their end users.

We are excited to have Google join us as we set out to establish West Africa as the premium destination for interconnection and global content.

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